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Every case is different, every client is different, every dataset is different. Certain technologies are better suited for certain cases and data, so why get forced into using a technology that is not quite right for you or your case? We don’t do that at D4. D4’s team of experts listens to you and ensures we are using the right solution for your project. Every time. It’s just what we do.

D4’s advanced technology team regularly assesses the latest and greatest solutions out there, so you don’t have to. The result is the most wide-ranging eDiscovery offerings available today. That’s all well and good. But the real game-changers, powering these technologies, are our people.

Access Data

Summation Pro

Summation is a web-based document, electronic data and transcript review platform that supports today’s legal teams. It combines comprehensive data processing, early case assessment, final review and transcript management into a single platform— entirely eliminating the need for iterative processing, data loading and repetitive review cycles.


A single, fully integrated platform for enterprise-wide search, collection, systemized preservation, litigation hold, processing, data assessment and complete legal review. Resolution1 eDiscovery is a holistic e-discovery solution that integrates market leading collection, litigation hold, processing and early case assessment features along with the advanced final review functionality of Summation.


Resolution1-Cybersecurity equips security-conscious organizations to confidently respond to, validate and resolve security incidents in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional approaches. Cybersecurity provides the visibility, context and automation required to identify security breaches as they are unfolding.


Brainspace Discovery 5

Brainspace Discovery 5 is a comprehensive analytics tool that can become the connective intelligence at the center of your eDiscovery workflow. It enables users to access visual clustering, transparent concept search, and near-dupe identification, all within one seamless interface. This collective approach delivers Brainspace’s unique Transparent Concept Search, combined with a navigable map of discovery material in an intuitive visual interface.



The Clearwell E-Discovery Platform was purpose-built for e-discovery and provides a single, integrated product for identification, collection, processing, analysis, review, and production. Organizations use Clearwell to streamline collections, accelerate early case assessments, intelligently cull data, increase reviewer productivity, and ensure the defensibility of the entire eDiscovery process.

Content Analyst

Content Analyst Analytical Technology (CAAT)

Content Analyst's CAAT transforms large volumes of unstructured data into organized, relevant information, and exposes insights hidden in the data.



eDepoze litigation software enables a truly electronic deposition using a laptop or iPad and electronic exhibits. Designed for attorneys by attorneys, eDepoze retains the benefits of the paper process and allows both local and remote sharing of documents — all for about the cost of reproducing a single banker’s box.


Equivio Zoom for Information Governance

Zoom automates records retention compliance and legacy data remediation. Human-based classification of business records is no longer feasible. There’s too much data and the task is too complex.

But Zoom’s predictive coding technology now makes records retention doable. Once trained, Zoom can classify records and identify junk automatically. Quality is assured – the system is trained by a centralized core team to ensure consistency. And your process is defensible because Zoom’s rigorous statistical framework monitors quality, measures outcomes and quantifies risk.

Equivio Zoom for eDiscovery

Zoom for E-Discovery is an integrated platform for e-discovery analytics and predictive coding. Zoom’s advanced analytics enable you to zoom in on the data that’s important to your case. Supporting the full e-discovery cycle, Zoom is used to make sense of the data collection, pinpoint key documents, cull the collection and organize the review.

Index Engines

Octane Unified eDiscovery

Octane’s Unified eDiscovery Platform provides users with advanced abilities to collect, process and preserve ESI for litigation while keeping defensibility, time-to-data and cost at the forefront.


Preservation Vault by InfoPreserve

Manage your documents in a private, secure, searchable environment with D4’s information management platform. Private information can be organized and retrieved in a timely manner using the Preservation Vault.

Both physical media and digital assets can be uploaded and organized within one central repository. Individual documents can be located and accessed quickly. No longer will your organization have to worry about compliance fines stemming from a failure to preserve and produce documents in a defensible manner.


Ipro Allegro

Ipro Allegro is an early case assessment tool that provides law firms and corporate counsel early insight into the size, scope, and composition of data collections. In the earliest stages of litigation, it’s critical for attorneys to get to the facts of the case quickly in order to develop case strategy, gain an initial estimate of litigation costs, and better prepare for Meet & Confers. Allegro gives law firms quick access to the crucial facts of a case, allowing legal teams to answer important questions.

Ipro eCapture

eCapture is a fully automated electronic evidence processing solution designed to perform electronic discovery, processing, and production tasks quickly and accurately. Gain control over large, complex data sets quickly by using eCapture to discover hundreds of different electronic file types in one application. Cull, search, and view document collections while removing duplicates and system files. Convert the final document collection to TIFF or PDF using high-speed production technology, saving time and money by streamlining your discovery workflow.

Ipro Eclipse

For many law firms, litigation review is the most time consuming and expensive portion of litigation, taking approximately 70% of the total costs of document production. To alleviate this pain, web-based legal review software Eclipse incorporates advanced analytics, computer assisted review functionality, and cutting-edge features which allow law firms to streamline their workflow, reduce inefficiency and save time and money throughout the review process.

Ipro Eclipse SE

Eclipse SE is an in-house discovery, review, and production platform built to handle up to 10,000,000 records and any number of users within your current infrastructure, without requiring a SQL backend or DBA.

Ipro eScan-IT

eScan-IT combines eDiscovery, paper scanning, and printing into one intuitive desktop application. The eDiscovery utility gives you the flexibility to process multiple drives or a single file, extract text and metadata, and provide detailed reports before processing data. Users can use filter and full-text searching to reduce electronic evidence collection to a manageable size before review.



kCura’s Relativity is a feature-rich, online review platform for corporations, law firms, government agencies, and service providers requiring scalable, enterprise-grade eDiscovery solution. With Relativity, you get the flexibility and the scalability you need to handle your most complex analysis, review, and production projects through all EDRM stages.

Getting started with Relativity couldn’t be easier because D4 maintains the hardware, infrastructure, and personnel necessary to support Relativity in a secure, hosted environment, ensuring a worry-free operation from start to finish.

Relativity Legal Hold

Relativity Legal Hold allows you to create a defensible, repeatable process for managing legal holds. Integration with HR systems and an intuitive interface make it easy to assess litigation risk and track all key data in a single place. Legal Hold’s streamlined and automated workflows mean any team—legal, IT, or HR—can run their unique legal hold processes in Relativity.

Relativity Analytics

Relativity Analytics allows you to improve review speed and quickly identify key issues. It organizes documents based on concepts, so you can find and group similar documents, train the system on key issues, assemble email conversations via email threading, automatically identify near-duplicates, and run advanced keyword analysis. This technology also drives Relativity Assisted Review.

Lateral Data (Xerox)


Viewpoint, an all-in-one eDiscovery software developed by Lateral Data, integrates collection, early case assessment, pre-processing and processing, analysis (including assisted review), review and production functionality into a single, powerful platform.

By using one product instead of many to manage eDiscovery projects, case teams can make the e-discovery process more efficient, reduce costs and eliminate the risks of moving sensitive data between multiple tools. Viewpoint does not require third-party software or plug-ins for analytics or other capabilities; all functionality is fully integrated into the platform, enabling greater workflow efficiencies.


LexisNexis Early Data Analyzer (EDA)

LexisNexis Early Data Analyzer is an application within LAW PreDiscovery software. It helps you to reduce cost and risk by conducting early data assessment prior to processing, production and review. Early Data Analyzer helps you gain better insights into the size and scope of responsive data by filtering, indexing and searching data right at the source location—on a network or external drive.

LexisNexis Law PreDiscovery

LAW PreDiscovery® eDiscovery imaging and electronic processing software offers litigation teams the power to filter and cull non-responsive eDiscovery and scanned documents before review, eliminating unnecessary litigation costs and reducing time.

LexisNexis Concordance

Concordance e-discovery management software decreases the complexity of managing discovery and allows your team to search, review, organize, produce and share litigation documents— scanned paper, email and other e-discovery—generated during discovery.

LexisNexis Concordance Evolution

Concordance Evolution is a next-generation enterprise review software product for electronic discovery and litigation document management. It handles e-discovery management for cases of any size and is specifically designed for large-scale, complex litigation.

LexisNexis CaseMap

CaseMap lets you manage, organize and connect case facts, legal issues and key players more intuitively and conveniently than any other software program.

LexisNexis TimeMap

TimeMap helps you transform facts in your case into a visual timeline of events in minutes—no graphic expertise required! Visual timelines make it easy for your litigation team, witnesses, clients, the judge, jurors and other key players to understand the sequence of events in a case. And with TimeMap you keep production costs low at pennies per timeline.

LexisNexis Sanction

Sanction® litigation presentation software provides litigators with a single resource to quickly assemble documents, exhibits, transcripts, questions, visuals and video that will be used to manage and present evidence throughout litigation, categorize them, and then create clear, polished and compelling presentation materials necessary for building a case.

LexisNexis TextMap

TextMap is a transcript summary tool. Use TextMap to create a database of electronic transcript files from depositions, examinations, and other proceedings. As transcripts are imported into TextMap, they are indexed and the location of each word in each transcript is stored.

LexisNexis NoteMap

Create outlines and easy-to-access notes as you process key facts from the vast numbers of documents typically produced in litigation.

LexisNexis Email Thread

Email threading groups emails together so the entire thread or discussion can be captured, followed and assessed. LexisNexis® Email Thread identifies, groups and provides a review order of emails and attachments—and their entire threads.

LexisNexis Near Dupe

LexisNexis Near Dupe helps litigation teams filter out irrelevant documents from the e-discovery process. It recognizes and then organizes documents within an e-discovery collection that are similar—based on similarity thresholds that you determine.

LexisNexis ALCoder

ALCoder is an automated coding application for litigation. One of the leading autocoding software tools available, ALCoder is used by major government agencies, law firms, and corporate legal departments and it’s particularly useful for scanned documents.

Microsoft Office 365

Advanced Discovery

In-place, intelligent eDiscovery. Office 365 offers a rich set of eDiscovery in-place capabilities including retention, preservation, search, analysis and export to help our customers simplify the eDiscovery process to quickly identify relevant data while decreasing cost and risk.



Broadcast allows D4 to install standard reporting dashboards in its hosted Relativity workspaces. D4 offers three standard dashboard: Workspace Statistics; Data Analytics; Reviewer Statistics.

In addition to the dashboards developed by D4, custom queries can be written to adapt any chart or query to your specific case needs.



Developed by Mindseye, TunnelVision is a software created to the specific requirements of the eDiscovery process. TunnelVision enhances efficiency, informs business decisions, and ensures compliance through each stage of discovery. Organizations choose TunnelVision to deliver an effective and repeatable eDiscovery solution to identify levels of exposure and significantly reduce the time, risk, and costs throughout the lifecycle of a matter.



Imagine your data telling the story and automatically detecting the fact pattern. The NexLP Story Engine technology is uniquely designed to perform this task. Consider the cost and time savings to have a tool dynamically transform data into profiles about the People, Places and Events? You could eliminate useless data, human review time and point your review "true" north.



RB8 is an integrated court reporting management system. RB8 handles your important business tasks, such as billing and scheduling, in a flexible, interconnected environment that includes mobile and PDF transcripts, instant text message job notifications and email job confirmations. It includes a central repository, so you no longer have to keep hard copies of important information. Plus it handles deliveries, receivables, collections, payables — including direct deposit payroll — and business tracking and forecasting, with a full range of reports from work load to cash flow to profitability.



TrialDirector trial presentation software is used to organize exhibits and depositions, prepare their cases for trial, and enhance their case presentations. TrialDirector even integrates with many popular litigation support software.

Thomson Reuters

Case Notebook

Case Notebook is a centrally accessible and searchable electronic case file allowing you to organize, analyze and share essential case information. Case Notebook can be installed on premise or hosted on our private cloud.


X1 Social Discovery

X1 Social Discovery, is an investigative solution specifically designed for eDiscovery, compliance and computer forensics professionals to effectively address social media content, website collection, webmail, and YouTube video capture, in one single interface.


Legal Hold Pro

Legal Hold Pro from Zapproved is the industry’s first SaaS system for managing legal hold notification and compliance. The easy-to-use online system helps organizations efficiently implement defensible and effective litigation holds. Legal Hold Pro requires no software, and has been shown to deliver a 260% ROI in the first year, when compared with manual legal holds.

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