Information Governance & Security

Data is your lifeblood and this is your lifeguard.

John Clingerman, Vice President, Forensics Services

Litigation Readiness, Data Remediation, Cost Control

eDiscovery can get pricey, so to significantly reduce your eDiscovery costs, you have to be proactive about managing electronic information at an enterprise level. We’ll help you implement and enhance electronic discovery and information governance programs by understanding the scope of your information, where it’s stored and how it’s stored, accessed and regulated, as well as the applicable retention, preservation, and production obligations. Sound intense? It is. It’s also invaluable.

Corporate Data Remediation

Those back-up tapes and files are not of any use to your company if they're sitting in a storage room. In fact, if and when you receive a litigation hold notice, they could potentially wreak havoc on your discovery budget. D4 uses state-of-the-art technology that enables a cost-effective approach to tape management and remediation initiatives.

Litigation Readiness

When there is a reasonable expectation of litigation, your company will be in the best position if you have a pre-determined, established set of discovery procedures. We create defensible Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Mobile Device Management Policies, and Litigation Response Plans for corporate legal departments that include well-documented data identification, preservation, and collection protocols.

Cost Control

eDiscovery expenses can pile up fast, especially if you’re over-collecting data or sending too much data to outside counsel for review. By implementing a defensible retention schedule, you can effectively minimize the amount of data that needs to be collected and reviewed for litigation, and therefore decrease your overall discovery costs.

Data Privacy and Security

As consumer technology becomes increasingly present in the corporate environment, a proper information governance strategy is imperative to ensure confidential company data is retained and destroyed securely. Organizations seeking to store data in the cloud must be careful to select solutions that can fit their specific needs.

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