Information is everywhere. We collect it, analyze it, and organize it—so you can actually use it.

Jonathan Lougheed, Technical Advisor

ESI Preservation, Data Processing, Document Review, Discovery Productions

Our applied analytics and tech-expert teams are critical here. From digital files to paper documents, we’re able to deftly provide counsel with a thorough, honed collection of analyzed data. In turn, counsel can spend less time sifting and wading, and more time strategizing and winning. Add in process workflow and management powered by the right people—our people—and you’re on your way to the better way.


The D4 team of experts can assist counsel with building a defensible and reasonable process while providing a predictable, reliable and cost-effective solution.

Legal Holds and Preservation

We help clients design their workflows, policies, and procedures on what to do when litigation strikes. Avoid risks, sanctions, and fines with a repeatable, defensible legal hold strategy.

Data Collection

D4 has created a highly defensible method for identifying, preserving, and collecting Electronically Stored Information (ESI), whether it is located on your computer, your network, in the cloud, or on a mobile device. Our in-house team of forensic and collections experts is expertly trained in all forms of forensic data collection and has provided expert testimony in state and federal courts around the country

ECA (Early Case Assessment)

ECA is a strategy used to estimate risk and cost associated with prosecuting or defending a legal matter. We customize our ECA process for each matter, using a combination of professional expertise and software, based on the requirements and goals of the client.

Advanced Technology

Our people, combined with our Advanced Technology, can help legal teams reduce the risk and cost of eDiscovery. Advanced Technology includes Predictive Coding, Technology Assisted Review, Predictive Analytics and Content Clustering, just to name a few.

ESI Processing

We’ll work with you to determine which processing tool is best for your case. Our in-house data center, combined with our world-class 24/7 operations center, lets us quickly and accurately process very large and complex volumes of data on your behalf.

Hosted Review

D4 has the people, process, and tools to leverage some of the most powerful resources in the industry, including Relativity, Ipro, Lateral Data, LexisNexis Evolution, and others. We’ll work with you to determine which tool is best for your case, and can store your data in our own high-security, SSAE 16 tier-3 data center so you’ll have 24/7 web-based access.

Paper Discovery

Even though ESI grows exponentially each year, paper documents are not going away any time soon. That’s why D4 has experienced teams on the ground in our eleven production centers across the country—backed by advanced equipment and technology—to help you scan, manage and store important paper documents that might be needed at any moment.

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During normal business hours (8am-6pm EST, Monday-Friday), a D4 team member will get back to you in 1-2 hours.

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  • I appreciate the flexibility, reliability and promptness of D4. They are always immediately available and ready for action whether we need consultation on a complex project, assistance with collection and data processing, or simply some scanning services. The team has the perfect balance of personality and technological skills to tackle any of our requests. They always keep us up-to-date on new and developing technology available to help meet our needs. D4’s customer service is unparalleled!

    Jessica E. Steffey, Practice Support Analyst

    Dickinson Wright