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D4’s team of data and eDiscovery experts share their expertise so you can power your intellect with information that will help you do your job more efficiently.
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    eDiscovery Update: In Favor of Custodian Interviews and Other Low-Tech Approaches

    This article was originally published on The Daily Record. | “Do you want me to scramble this one like the others?” | | | | | That’s a line from a deleted email I read while conducting a forensic examination a number of years ago. The email was addressed to a manager and sent by one of the engineers of a company accused of falsifying test data. | ...

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  • Article

    The Development of Document Review: Why Lawyers Continuously Need to Adapt

    In the last five years document review technology has undergone significant growth and development. For some that has meant that review platforms have added “bells and whistles” that add little value or have real world application. For others, the introduction of technologies like, email threading, concept search, clustering and data visualization have changed not just how they review documents, but how...

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  • Article

    The Changing Landscape of Document Review [Webinar]

    By taking 24-48 hours before the review to dive into the data and understand what you have, you can craft a review strategy tailored to your specific case. Who knows? In doing so, maybe you'll stumble onto the smoking gun and avoid the review altogether. | | | | | | Scrambling to...

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  • Article

    5 Legal Hold Headaches and How to Cure Them

    This blog was originally published in the Relativity blog on June 4, 2015 by Nik Balepur. | | | | | | | Whether you manage the intricate needs of a litigious company or see litigation only as a rare and unfortunate surprise, placing custodians on a 

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D4, LLC was founded in 1997 in Rochester, NY. In an industry which did not exist two decades ago, D4 has an enviable eighteen-year history of growth and accomplishment.
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